Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spotty at best

I'm making my attempt to get back into blogging at a rather inconvenient time, since over the next five months I am taking three weeks of leave, helping Jenny move to Korea, going to Ranger School, and finally moving myself to Korea. These activities (and the lack of internet access that accompanies them) will cause my already-sporadic blogging to get much more infrequent before I get any better.

Excuses aside, let me address a couple points in the comments below...jg holds that "Disinformation is the main focus of the MSM, certainly on Iraq, but chiefly on America in general."

While I agree that disinformation is quite prevalent, I'm not sure that I think it's the MSM's "main focus." I don't doubt that some of the most influential MSMers have an agenda, but I think that mostly the writers and talking heads are swept away in a rip tide of group-think.

In any environment where personal advancement is an individual's goal, the tendency to follow the path of least intellectual resistance is great. Most people in America are far more dedicated to personal advancement than to any ideology, and two arenas where this trend is especially pronounced are academia and the media, both of which lean decidedly to the left.

As far as anti-Americanism goes, I believe that, at least on the individual level, it stems from a lack of real, first hand knowledge of things American. Like other forms of racism, individual interaction and experience will dilute or completely erase it for anyone who cares enough to seek out the truth.

I do agree with Bookworm that constant hammering of a negative message (as with the war in Iraq) does have an effect, but I believe that Americans are far more resistant to that message than they were before we were attacked on our own soil.