Monday, March 27, 2006

A few quick points

An interesting comment on my last post makes me feel the need to clarify a couple things:

1) I'm pretty sure that the MSM is going to attack and misrepresent President Bush for the foreseeable future. However, when he speaks directly to the public either in speeches or in Q&A or interviews with the media he stands a better chance of getting his message across untainted than if he communicates only through press releases and spokesmen. I think he would do well to grant some interviews to bloggers and radio hosts (Hugh Hewitt maybe?) - they are some of his most intelligent supporters, and an exclusive with the president would go a long way toward legitimizing the medium.

2) The media cannot tear the country apart. People can tear the country apart, but the people of our country are far too lazy to do any such thing. The people of our country do not realize that we are a Nation at war. If they come to realize that we are at war they won't tear the country apart, they'll just tear their newspapers and TV sets apart and seek real news (and truth) elsewhere. We may not be far from such a day, but I fear that Americans would like nothing more than to be lulled back into daydreams of a 9/10 world and ignore the reality of Islamofacism.

3) I do not think the President should attack his opponents, but he certainly should hold them to the standard of truth. He should not accept false premises - he should set the record straight just as he did with Helen Thomas last week. Of course, as Commander in Chief, he must represent his political friends and foes alike, just as those of us in the military protect the rights of the protesters who abhor us. This doesn't mean that he has to let them get away with constant rejection of reality - our country is based upon objective truth and the rule of law, and he should be unapologetic about reminding his opponents of that fact.