Thursday, April 21, 2005

Please do something...

I'm growing concerned that the Republicans in congress haven't learned anything from George Bush's political success. He's a leader, and he isn't afraid to take unpopular positions to get things done.

Glenn Renyolds posted this quotation: "I grow more and more convinced the Republican majority will end itself by 2006 if the Left will just shut up for five minutes."

I must say that I agree, and the guys at Powerline are on the case today:

The next election is a year and a half away. If the Republicans in the Senate aren't willing to buck the polls now, when will they be? And how can anyone think that a delay in pursuing the Constitutional option will cause the poll numbers to turn around? It won't. It will merely be perceived as blood in the water that causes the Democratic/media attacks to intensify.

Success breeds success, and weakness breeds more weakness. The Republicans have been voted into the majority. The greatest danger to them is not doing something that is temporarily unpopular; the greatest danger is being perceived as too weak to enact their agenda. That danger, I am afraid, is upon us.

I won't get into it right now, but I have a feeling that term limits would do lots of good in getting the republicans out of their scared, carreer politician mindsets.