Monday, February 07, 2005

Words matter

In his column, "The impotent insurgents," Jack Kelly writes on the growing desperation of the terrorists in Iraq, showcased by the GI Joe incident and how the MSM has been a reliable ally to the terrorists by spouting their party line and staying mum on issues like Eason's Fables.

He includes some stats that beg for attention, and makes an excellent point on one of the media's favorite terms - "insurgents."

Eight suicide bombers killed 36 Iraqis besides themselves. Of these, seven were foreigners (six Saudis and a Sudanese). The only Iraqi suicide bomber was a child suffering from Down syndrome. That is, as the Iraqi writer Nibras Kazimi put it, "eight against 8 million." And on what basis, one might ask, do the media call seven foreign terrorists "insurgents"?

The child he mentions was actually detonated by remote control, which hardly makes him a suicide bomber - more like a hostage used as a tool by sadistic thugs.

The day after the election, Roger Simon pointed out that the term "insurgent" was no longer applicable. I would question whether it was ever applicable to foreign fighters in Iraq; they are better described as Islamofascist mercenaries or crusaders.