Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rock and roll all night (and party every day)

As an avid concert-goer and live music fan, I was glad to see this headline: "Group to Distribute Earplugs at Concerts."

The motto of the Norwegian Rock 'n' roll Federation could well be ``Turn it up!'' but the group fears increasing numbers of members might respond to that request with an uncomprehending ``What?''

The group plans to distribute 100,000 earplugs at rock concerts, so fans can enjoy the loud music and still hear what's said after the show.

The campaign, called ``Rock against Ringing,'' is being organized by the rock federation in cooperation with the national association of the hearing impaired, HLF, and has sought government support.

First of all, the HLF sounds like either a terrorist group or a late-80's one-hit-wonder band, but anyway . . .

I always carry earplugs to clubs and concerts (you already knew I was a dork) and have gotten in the habit of taking several pair because no one else seems to remember, and everyone seems to want some.

There's nothing quite like a great concert, but I'd prefer not to need Miracle Ear by the time I'm 30!