Saturday, February 12, 2005

Greetings from Camp Doha

Well, we've made it to Kuwait with no incidents and no major delays...internet time is at a premium here though, so I'll have to keep it short!

Manifest for our flight home begins late tonite, and we should be home about 24 hours later...the process is always painful (with customs inspections, long waits in uncomfortable bleachers, long waits in uncomfortable buses, long trips once those uncomfortable buses actually start moving, long waits once the buses stop but before you can get out, layovers in strange airports with Soldiers 10 deep behind every phone and toilet, etc...), but the result is very nice!

As is usually the case here in Kuwait, I've run into several friends either headed in or racing me home - the Army is small like that.

I'll post again when I can, and it'll most likely be from beautiful Fort Hood, TX (I never thought I'd use that phrase!)