Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wanted: Critical thinkers

Callimachus (he's one prolific blogger) covers several topics - media bias, abortion, Christmas, and the war in Iraq - in "The life of facts."

As one familiar with the workings of a newspaper he brings an interesting perspective. His post highlights what I believe to be a major problem: a lack of basic critical thinking skills in the American public.

Such an ambiguous problem must have many root causes (certainly ineffective parenting and schooling), but I think a large factor might be our society's twisted view of 'tolerance.' Too many people consider 'tolerance' as the right not to be questioned, criticized, or opposed in any way.

People who question other peoples' ideas or lifestyles are often branded as 'intolerant' or worse. Thus, many are content to accept whatever nonsense the media, Hollywood, clergy, professors, celebrities, and anyone else spew forth in order to be allowed to live without the socially unacceptable stigma of 'intolerance.'