Friday, January 28, 2005

Time flies when you're having fun

Today marks day 366 here in Baghdad for me. Many of the folks I work with have recently hit the one-year mark as well, and it's almost time to head home.

Us Army types like to complain that we're now seeing our 3rd rotation of Marines and British troops (normally on 6-7 month rotations), and 5th rotation of Airmen (3-4 month rotations). However I don't hear any complaints from the Iraqis who are volunteering for the Iraqi National Guard and Iraqi Police Service, running for elected office, and administrating the elections.

They are here for the long haul, come what may. They have made a stand against tyranny and Islamic extremism and have bet their lives on the success of this experiment in democracy.

These brave Iraqis are seeing the third rotation of US Army Soldiers, and I think they're pretty happy with that. I'm sure they, like us, look forward to the day when American troops don't plan to spend every other year in Iraq, but they are working to improve their country, and right now their lives depend on our rejection of Congressman Coble's advice to cut and run.

I'm glad I'll see the elections before I leave; I have a feeling that Iraqi kids will be reading about January 30, 2005 in their history books for years to come.

My blogging may get a little light over the next couple of weeks as I redeploy, but I'll do my best to get some posts up. Also, I posted a few photos from the past year here.