Thursday, January 20, 2005

A real cause for anxiety

Kind of a light blogging day today, so I'll leave the heavy lifting to Callimachus. Here's a teaser from "Mullah-palooza," his post on Iranian nukes:

[W]e're talking about Iran. We're talking about a nations whose leadership class considers suicide attacks not just an acceptable tactic but a religious duty. A county whose quasi-independent military openly recruits its citizens to be car-bombers to kill foreign construction workers building sewage plants in Iraq, or blow up Israeli buses full of school children.

Who is America to decide who can have nukes and who can't? Nobody -- and everybody. I have no problem living in a world where the grown-ups decide who gets to have nuclear weapons and who doesn't.

And if much of Old Europe chooses a slow suicide by uberfremdung, by indifference to its children, by blind trusting pacifism in a jungle-world, then I am not interested in having that part of the world make the safety choices for the rest of us.

We do not accept an Iran armed with nuclear weapons. We prefer to resolve that situation by diplomacy. But we're not limited to that approach. Keeping the most harsh military options on the table, as the U.S. administration has done, gives us the maximum possible degree of flexibility.