Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Longtail chatter

Over at GotDesign, Aaron is finally back from vacation, so hopefully we'll see some more posts from him. He comments on a NYDaily News article on the ridiculous degradation of women in hiphop/thug culture. (Update: Pink Flamingo is on this one too)

Anne at PalmTree Pundit has something to say about all the Britney Spears clones running around our secondary schools.

The Bookworm is riled up about why the Arab world cannot cure its problems and the conspiracy theories its leaders are floating.

Update: In a gym-discussion with fellow longtail blogger Dan, I realized that this post could be construed as being aloof or condescending--not at all what I intended. I hope that no one took it that way; my intent is to read and link to more longtail blogs since we all need to stick together! I apologize to anyone I may have offended, and I think I'll rename my posts Longtail chatter (unless someone else can recommend a better name), and if anyone would prefer not to be lumped in with us longtailers, please let me know!