Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Good media

It's almost an oxymoron, but not quite. A friend alerted me to an article on radio host Edd Hendee's Iraq trip. I don't get to listen to much (if any) talk radio, but Hendee's article makes me think I'd enjoy his show:

My last caller Monday morning was a truck driver in Iraq for 18 months. He recalled warm greetings and sincere appreciation from the Iraqi people almost everywhere he went. Now as he returns to the United States he hardly recognizes Iraq from the media reports. My guess is he saw more of the country than any of those reporters. In a few days I’ll know if my suspicions are correct – that the main stream media had their stories written long before they got on the plane to come over. This trip is vital for many reasons.

I don't think he has a blog, but I'll be interested to read anything he publishes after his trip. Who knows, maybe I'll run into him while he's here in Baghdad.

Update: Same friend points out that you can listen online.

UpdateII: fixed a typo - originally spelled "Handee"