Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Extra Innings

Headlines like this blow me away:

Summary: Rice Won't Give Iraq Timetable

Pressed at her confirmation hearing about U.S. policy in Iraq, Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice refused on Tuesday to give a timetable for the withdrawal of American troops.

The issue isn't difficult to understand, and an oft-used (but seldom followed) army phrase sums it up: "we train to standard, not to time."

We're talking about war here, not T-ball.

If the 7&8 year olds are tied 3-3 after playing for an hour, it's time to line up for handshakes and let the 9&10 year olds take the field. Some fanatic dads may be a bit upset, but the game still achieved its objectives: the kids had fun.

Such is not the case in Iraq. Taking Mr. Coble's advice to cut and run would have a worse result than never invading at all - it would be a huge boost to the jihadist cause, along with providing a brand new haven for Islamofacist training camps.

Whether you agree with the invasion or not, we're here, and setting a timeline for departure is asinine. We'll leave when the Iraqi government is firmly in place and no longer needs us to help them police their country.

Plan on extra innings.