Thursday, January 20, 2005

Employment opportunity

Gay Patriot points out Lance's idea: now-unemployed human shields should volunteer to work the Iraqi election on January 30.

All those great humanitarians, who so sacrificially self-deployed to protect the Iraqi people from the evil Americans invading to steal their oil, must have been pretty bored over the last year or two, and they should jump at the chance.

As Lance points out, after facing off against the world's most powerful military, a one-day standoff against a few thugs armed only with AK-47s and bootleg explosives should be a walk in the park.

In 2003, the Iraqi people needed human shields to protect their schools and hospitals from the imperialist and reckless US Air Force, and now in 2005 another opportunity arises - protecting polling places.

Let's see how many show up.

(ht Instapundit)