Sunday, January 30, 2005

Election day photos

I normally don't post on Sundays, but I think I'll make an exception today.
I had a chance to go on an overflight of Baghdad just before the polls closed, and I got a few photos. Before you critique me too badly, let me remind you of the difficulty of photography through the window of a UH-60 traveling fast and low!
My first thought as we flew over was that a lot of people were out on the streets. It wasn't completely packed everywhere, but there were plenty of markets and soccer games going on.
OK, I warned you about the tricky photography...flying over the crowded streets makes you feel like a celebrity or something...little kids jump up and down and wave, and even many of the adults will wave and cheer.

It's hard to tell, but I believe the building in the center of the photo with the light was a polling site. You could sometimes tell because of the posters and banners around the sites - this was the only photo I managed to get, and I'm not 100% sure that was one.

This was one of many soccer games going on around were out everywhere!

I thought this sunset shot was pretty nice.

These were the guys who flew us around right before they dusted me out!
Update: Great election coverage is all over the blogosphere, but I like the first hand account at Iraq the Model best. They have some photos too, and theirs are from ground level!