Saturday, January 01, 2005

Don't miss these

I'm calling it a night a bit early tonight, but here are two pieces I'll recommend for a New Year's Day read (if you didn't see them yesterday):

Victor Davis Hanson's Into the tar pits:

Action and results, not rhetoric and intentions, are what matter. Cease blaming others for declining popularity. There is neither a Karl Rove conspiracy nor an envisioned red-state theocracy. No, the problem with our Left is what killed the dinosaurs: a desire to plod on to oblivion in a rapidly evolving world.

And Thomas Sowell's Gay marriage 'rights':

The issue is not individual rights. What the activists are seeking is official social approval of their lifestyle. But this is the antithesis of equal rights.

If you have a right to someone else's approval, then they do not have a right to their own opinions and values. You cannot say that what "consenting adults" do in private is nobody else's business and then turn around and say that others are bound to put their seal of approval on it.

Update: I almost forgot...check here and here for a fetus update.