Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Dogma and fanaticism

Naseer Hasan writes powerfully about his disillusionment with the left in "How the Left Betrayed My Country - Iraq."

He describes how he interacted with various members of the anti-war crowd (journalists and activists in particular) and was baffled by their refusal to think logically about the situation on the ground in Iraq, instead arguing against all evidence, driven by their pre-conceived notions and anti-American agenda.

His article is well written (his English is much better than my Arabic!) and he proves that he has a good grasp on the current world situation with analysis like this:

We believed—and still believe--that America’s removal of the regime opened a new way for democracy. At the same time, we have no illusions that the U.S. came to Iraq on a white horse to save our people. We understand this war is all about national interests, and that America’s interests are mainly about defeating terrorism. At this moment, though, U.S. interests are doing more to bring about democracy and freedom in Iraq than, say, the policies of France and Russia—countries which also care little for the Iraqi people and, worse, did their best to save Saddam from destruction until the last moment.

He holds his big blows until the end of the piece:

It’s worth noting, as well, that the general attitude of peace activists I met was tension and anger.

So glorious in their ideals, their thoughts were inflexible and their deeds unnecessary, even harmful. In the end, they proved to me how dogma and fanaticism had transform peace activists into—lifeless peace “statues.”

The "statues" analogy is lost on me, but calling the left on their dogma and fanaticism is great irony. Liberals, those who claim to embrace change and human freedom, decry conservatives as fascists and ridicule us as unreasonable and illogical are proving that they have become exactly what they profess to despise.

(hat tip to Powerline, who has another related post that's well worth your time)

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