Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Countering the doom and gloom

Chrenkoff just posted installment 19 of "Good news from Iraq," which he opens with a well-worded disclaimer:

Below is not the full picture of Iraq - merely that part of it you don't often see on the nightly news or the pages of newspapers. This does not automatically make it more - or less important in the scheme of things, merely equally important to consider.

Of his plethora, some of my favorites are:

"Attack on Police Station Results in Defeat for Insurgents":

An Iraqi police station in southeast Mosul came under attack by multiple rocket propelled grenade fire during a coordinated effort by insurgent fighters to overrun the station. The Iraqi Police successfully repelled the attack. This is the fifth attack on the station this week. Each attack has resulted in defeat for the insurgents and a victory for the Iraqi Security forces. This is the twelfth time since Nov. 10 that insurgents have tried but failed to overrun police stations here. Since Nov. 10, no police stations here have fallen into the hands of insurgent fighters.

"Iraqi Slides Toward Olympics - Faisal Takes Up Skeleton in Quest For Spot in Turin":

[S]keleton specialists who've watched him over the last two weeks have reached a surprising conclusion about the beginner. Faisal might well debut as Iraq's first winter Olympian at the 2006 Games in Turin, Italy, some said, because a determination this intense is difficult to doubt.

"Hotline Succeeding In Foiling Iraqi Insurgents":

[T]he tips hotline received more than 400 calls during the past few months. These enabled the coalition to take prompt action — from freeing several women who had been kidnapped for ransom to identifying and destroying vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices Hammond said "were rigged and ready to explode."

"High school reaches out to students in Iraq":

Thanks to the generosity of Monsignor Donovan High School students, teachers and the business community, 900 children who will attend two newly rebuilt schools in Baghdad will have pencils to write with and paper to write on. They also will have arts and crafts supplies, sporting equipment, backpacks, lunch boxes and educational games and toys.
Courtney Good, a 17-year-old junior at the Toms River school, launched the project called "The Innocent Child" with her honors Christian service class.

And finally, here's some good news for anyone with an investment in Iraqi dinar: the Central Bank of Iraq has begun issuing coins in denominations of 100, 50, and 25 dinars. Right now the 100 dinar coin is worth only about 7 cents, but I think we'll see that ratio begin to change soon - they wouldn't be making coins in such small denominations if they weren't optimistic.