Saturday, January 15, 2005

Big Blog roundup.

Blackfive posts an excellent essay by a Task Force commander in Fallujah - here's a teaser, but you're missing out if you don't read the whole thing:

What if domestic news outlets continually fed American readers headlines like: "Bloody Week on U.S. Highways: Some 700 Killed," or "More Than 900 Americans Die Weekly from Obesity-Related Diseases"? Both of these headlines might be true statistically, but do they really represent accurate pictures of the situations? What if you combined all of the negatives to be found in the state of Texas and used them as an indicator of the quality of life for all Texans? Imagine the headlines: "Anti-law Enforcement Elements Spread Robbery, Rape and Murder through Texas Cities." For all intents and purposes, this statement is true for any day of any year in any state. True -- yes, accurate -- yes, but in context with the greater good taking place -- no! After a year or two of headlines like these, more than a few folks back in Texas and the rest of the U.S. probably would be ready to jump off of a building and end it all. So, imagine being an American in Iraq right now.

The media allows the terrorist to use relatively small but spectacular events that directly affect very few, and spread them around the world to scare millions. What about the thousands of things that go right every day and are never reported? Complete a multi-million-dollar sewer project and no one wants to cover it, but let one car bomb go off and it makes headlines. With each headline, the enemy scores another point and the good-guys lose one. This method of scoring slowly is eroding domestic and international support while fueling the enemy's cause.

Also bothersome are references by "experts" on how "long" this war is taking. I've read that in the world of manufacturing, you can have only two of the following three qualities when developing a product -- cheap, fast or good.

IMAO posts several "Blog myths and facts." My favorite:

MYTH: Bloggers are a bunch of ankle-biters to the mainstream media.

FACT: Our effect to the MSM is more akin to a strong kick to the groin. Thus, we are "groin-kickers."

BTW, if you are undecided on how to deal effectively in foreign policy, read "Nuke the moon."

Finally, Michelle Malkin provides proof to back up Bookworm's theory. (Warning: Proceed with extreme caution. Post contains rantings of liberals spewing hatred that borders on insanity, which would be called racism, intolerance, and bigotry were it ever uttered by a conservative)