Saturday, January 01, 2005

An anticlimactic New Year's Eve

. . . and I'd have it no other way. A year in Baghdad has vastly increased my appreciation for quiet evenings.

While I spent an uneventful night at Camp Victory, my wife, an engineer in the First Cavalry Division, spent the last two nights of 2004 patrolling Baghdad streets in a "Buffalo" searching out IEDs as part of Task Force Iron Claw.

As there's no good way for her to let me know when she's back from a mission, our agreement is, "no news is good news."

Two nights ago the only action was an IED that exploded prematurely (about 50m in front of their vehicle) and last night was even quieter. An email from her this morning contained this brief synopsis: "Everything went well last night - some small arms fire, but nothing too big."

Strange to be so thankful that my wife encountered nothing worse than machine gun fire on New Year's Eve. (maybe it was just celebratory fire!)

New Year's Day dawned cool and sunny, and our prayer is that 2005 will be a banner year for democracy, starting off with a successful election in 30 days.

Happy New Year to you and yours!