Friday, December 17, 2004

What purpose does the UN serve again?

Roger Simon links to a November report by a USMA law instructor on more ridiculousness at the UN. Here are some excerpts:

The worst kind of hypocrisy is the sort that pretends to stand on principle. The latest example is the failure of the United Nations, America's European allies and nongovernmental groups to support Iraqi efforts to bring Saddam Hussein and his henchmen to justice.

Last month I spent a week in London working with the group of judges and prosecutors who form the core of the special tribunal. They are a distinguished group of patriots who know more than any outsider how critical the rule of law will be for the future of their country. Yes, just like other inexperienced judges on previous tribunals elsewhere in the developing world, they have much to learn about conducting complex trials in accordance with the most modern nuances of international law. But they are dedicated to doing so. As one Iraqi told me, "My job is to judge, not to murder."

Unfortunately, their pleas for assistance are going unanswered. For example, some of the most experienced practitioners from the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia had initially agreed to participate in the London sessions. At the last minute, however, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan lamely insisted that these experts were all too busy in The Hague to help the Iraqis, and he ordered them to stay home.

Human Rights Watch has even taken issue with the statute's ban on former Baath Party members sitting in judgment of the accused. Would the group have wanted Nazis passing judgment at Nuremberg?

For your own safety, if you have any heart problems please don't read the whole thing.

Update: Captain Ed has another report on the UN.