Tuesday, December 28, 2004

They shall know the truth

Mudville Gazette has a great post on how bloggers (especially milbloggers) are changing wartime news coverage. Greyhawk links to several first-hand accounts of the Mosul attack, and even excerpts from my post on meeting the Secretary of Defense.

The entire post is excellent, and he ties it together with this:

Keep shooting boys, keep shooting. And this is a battle that folks on the homefront can fight too. My thanks to so many of you who have over the past year. I think we're starting to see the tide turn, and that the Secretary is well aware of what forces are turning it. Look for increasing questions on the credibility of blogs (or false fears about the security of MilBlogs) from the mainstream media as evidence I'm right.

The truth will always be a massive force - either of attraction or repulsion. The MSM's stranglehold on mass communication has long allowed them to control what information is available to the public, thus manipulating many people's perception of the truth.

The more information to which people have access, the better they are able to judge the truth for themselves. Thus, powerbrokers (including the MSM) are opposed to proliferation of information, and will make every attempt to discredit those who seek to find the truth for themselves and especially those who enable others to find it.

They will not succeed.

Update: Fortune has an interesting take on blogging. (ht Instapundit)