Saturday, December 11, 2004

Phantom 6 Sends

LTG Thomas Metz, Commanding General of Multi-National Corps Iraq, has a weekly column at the Fort Hood Sentinel. The website isn't always reliable, but they do have this week's edition posted. The topic is courage:

Courage takes many forms. Our Soldiers and Marines showed physical courage as they fought terrorists in the streets and alleys of Fallujah, Baghdad, Mosul and across Iraq.

The leaders of our country and of the other countries in the coalition show moral courage by refusing to give in to the demands of thugs and terrorists.
Military families and communities display amazing courage and self-sacrifice through their love and support for their Soldiers.

The Iraqi men and women who volunteer to serve their country also demonstrate exceptional courage.

I have great respect for the men and women who volunteer for the Iraqi Security Force and who participate in the Iraqi government; they make a huge commitment to their country when they step forward in favor of peace and stability and against terror, hatred, and lawlessness.

We come here for tours of several months, a year, or even more, but they live here, and they face a real threat everyday because of their courage to speak and take action against terrorists and criminals.

Check out the whole thing here.