Saturday, December 11, 2004

Patrick Henry wins again

Reader Gina Walker responds to the last education post with this article from the Washington Times (free subscription required). Looks like some of those homeschool freaks are pretty darn smart. (I'm allowed to say that, since I'm one too)

England's Oxford University is widely known for producing some of the world's best debaters, such as British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. But last weekend, the school's moot court team was defeated by two former home-schoolers from a small Virginia college named after American Revolution patriot and orator Patrick Henry. Matt du Mee, 22, and Rayel Papke, 21, who attend Patrick Henry College, pulled off a victory against their British competitors in the first moot court tournament between one of the world's most renowned universities and the 4-year-old Christian college in Purcellville.

Now check the stats on this school:

Patrick Henry College is a liberal arts school with a student population of 277.
It was founded in the fall of 2000 as a separate, tax-free institution by the Purcellville-based Home School Legal Defense Association, a nonprofit national membership organization of families who home-school their children.
The college graduated 40 students last May.
Since its opening, the school has experienced significant academic success and boasts student SAT and ACT scores comparable to the nation's elite colleges. Many Patrick Henry students are required to work in an apprenticeship or internship, depending on their majors.
Seven of the nearly 100 interns who worked at the White House last spring attended Patrick Henry.