Friday, December 17, 2004

Need any more reasons?

The Washington Times reports on a recent TV study:

Network television's depictions of religion are "overwhelmingly" negative, despite 90 percent of the American public professing a belief in God, according to a study released yesterday by the Parents Television Council.
NBC leads the pack as the most anti-religious network, followed in order by Fox, the WB, ABC, UPN and CBS, says the study of 2,385 hours of prime-time programming during a 12-month period beginning September 2003.

"Hollywood is an industry that maintains that it reflects reality," said Brent Bozell, president of the council, "but people see their most fundamental beliefs being attacked as punch lines in drama series."

First, I don't know that Hollywood "maintains that it reflects reality," but that isn't the problem. Consciously or not, I believe that watching TV and movies, reading Cosmo or Maxim type magazines, and otherwise engaging in most pop culture will affect a person's concept of reality.

I don't believe that everyone should kill their TVs (though I am happily TV-free for 9 years now), or ban fashion magazines, but I do believe that people don't realize just how much such activities affect them.

Pop culture constantly cheapens sex and marriage and lampoons traditional American values, so this study's results are hardly surprising. (notice too, that the beloved-by-the-right FOX is one of the worst offenders) However, instead of just getting upset about it, I recommend doing something about.

After about a month, I bet you won't even miss watching TV, and after a couple months you'll wonder how you ever found time for it at all.