Friday, December 10, 2004

MSM Wedge

Last night, reader Tim Peters sent this note, along with a link to Drudge's initial report that reporter Edward Lee Pitts of the Chattanooga Times Free Press planted the question at the SECDEF's Kuwait townhall meeting. (due to the time difference, I was already gone for the night)

The local paper here had it on the front page. Also the local public radio station gave it prominence and they played the clip where the Tennessee Guardsman complained of having to scavenge for material to armor their humvee's. They also mentioned and interviewed the sailor from NYC who is charged with desertion. They are trying to make it look as if the troops are on the edge of revolt and the terrorists are engaged in a TET offensive.

MSM is definitely trying to create the perception that the troops are angry, thus driving a wedge between our leaders and us and weakening our effort. People need to realize what is (and has been) going on, because perception can easily become reality.

On a more positive note, I believe that the Soldier was out of line to accept a loaded question from a reporter, but it highlights one of the greatest things about our country: the leaders are accountable to the people they govern.

Instapundit has good commentary on that point.

Update: The Seattle Post Intelligencer's headline reads "Humvee makers dispute Rumsfeld remarks". It looks like this story might keep growing . . .