Wednesday, December 29, 2004

MSM Filters

Two excellent posts over at Bookworm yesterday. First, she makes a good point that media filters have a very real effect:

The main difference between the military and everyone else, is that the military is actually in Iraq, seeing what's taking place -- that is, they see whether they are actually effective, they see whether the average Iraqi is appreciative of their efforts, and they see the incredible evil that is the insurgents. In America, we receive our news carefully filtered through the mainstream media, and it is clearly a filter that alters the reality on the ground. Easy to identify the problem -- impossible to identify a solution. The only hope is that the MSM will become more and more marginal in a blogosphere age.

Then, she points out Joe Scarborough's "The real news out of Iraq."


Did you know that the most powerful Shiite leaders in Iraq are telling their followers that participating in the American-led elections is a religious duty on par with fasting?

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of troops in Iraq believe this war is a noble cause?

You don't know any of these facts if you get your information from the mainstream press. For whatever reason, these powerful media outlets spend a disproportionate amount of time reporting on the treachery of terrorists instead of the work of those building the first democratic Arab state in Middle East history.

Former U.S. House Speaker Sam Rayburn once said that any jackass can kick down a barn. It takes a carpenter to build one.