Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Immigration in Italy

The second installment of the Washington Times' three part series focuses on Italy's immigrant situation and highlights an interview with one radical politician:

Matteo Bragantini, the Northern League's provincial secretary, said that it is his party's dream for the region to secede from Italy and create its own nation, Padania, free, independent and hostile to outsiders.

"They are demanding that crucifixes be removed from our schools and demanding that pork be taken off school lunch menus, not just for Muslims, but for Christian children as well.

"Christmas holidays can no longer be called Christmas. They are winter festivities," he said in disgust, laying out newspaper clippings on each outrage.

"It is natural for Muslims to beat their wives. For us, it is unthinkable and illegal. The mosques are not mosques. They are political centers. Imams are inciting the young to hate Christians," Mr. Bragantini said. "There is a minaret in Rome that is higher than St. Peter's. You could not build a church like that in Saudi Arabia."

America is a nation of immigrants, and that tradition has helped make our country strong. I would not support someone of Mr. Bragantini's views in our country, but I do find it scary to read Mr. Bragantini's words about his country's tolerance and realize how closely they reflect the ongoing pursuit of anti-culturalism in America.