Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm with Rummy

CNN reports on Secretary Rumsfeld's remarks in Kuwait, and especially on questions posed to him by Soldiers.

Not surprisingly, the tone of the article is harsh toward Rumsfeld, and they make it seem that the Soldiers were almost hostile with their questions and reactions.

Having attended a meeting very similar to this one a few months ago when Rumsfeld was here in Baghdad, I find it very difficult to believe that his reception was that bad. He got the very same questions when he was here: Soldiers asking about uparmored vehicles, stop-loss, and other tough issues, but without exception they showed him respect and support.

I won't claim to know how they feel down in Kuwait, but I will say that after listening to him speak and answer questions for about an hour here in Baghdad, then delay his entourage for at least half an hour, taking time to shake hands, chat, and take photos with hundreds of Soldiers, I feel like I can trust the man.

Prior to seeing him in person a couple of months ago, I had made a habit of reading transcripts from all his interviews and press conferences, so I knew that I agreed with most of what he says and does, but I was eager to see him in person nonetheless.

I observed his entire Q&A session, and I hung around watching how he interacted with Soldiers until he left the palace. I have no doubts of his dedication to our country and our Soldiers, or of his integrity and leadership.

Furthermore, he was greeted like a hero here at Camp Victory.

I wasn't in Kuwait, so the story may be spot-on, but I doubt it.