Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'll need a rain check on that beer...

Many thanks to all of you who wrote messages of support after linking here from Powerline.

I posted "November was deadly for the terrorists too" just before I left my computer last night, and this morning my inbox was stuffed like never before. Knowing of the prayers and support from back home is a great encouragement, and I sure appreciate the many offers of free beer (if any of you are in the Ft Hood area, don't think I won't take you up on it in a few months!)

Here is a small sample of the emails and comments I got:

Dear Captain Hartney, can't thank you enough for your message. We are so grateful for your service. We'll keep you and your men in our prayers. Please stay in touch. All the best, Scott Johnson

Just got the blog tip from Powerline…will bookmark it. More importantly, just a simple and sincere thank you to you and all that fight for us here at home. I live and work a ½ mile from Ground Zero, so I know first hand why you fight and am grateful that you do. -Don

Our heartfelt thanks goes to all US military and other coalition partners in the struggles you are engaged in Iraq. You are fighting for not only Americans' freedom but for the survival of our civilization. I pray for your continued success and for the peoples of Iraq whom I hope
one day will walk their streets in peace. - Rebecca

Just a quick note from a vet, we support you guys serving our country, and our prayers are with you. God bless all of you...Rick

I wanted to take a moment and let you, and whomever you may come in contact with, know just how grateful I am for what you are doing in this world. It truly amazes me how some folks take you, and the freedom you protect and also create, for granted. So, thank you, and know you are all loved and blessed! - Barbara

Rich, First off, HOOAH! from a former SSG. Keep up the good work in Iraq. Keep your head down and your powder dry. - Aaron

I will continue to compile these messages and circulate them around here. We know that the American public is behind us, but it sure it nice to be reminded!

One last note, I'm sorry I haven't responded to everyone yet...I will, but it may take me a little while!