Tuesday, December 14, 2004

God in our genes II

A while back I blogged on a Time Magazine article by Dr. Dean Hamer, who claims to have discovered a gene that may determine whether a person believes in god (he includes all gods). David Limbaugh writes on the subject today, and he doesn't buy it:

Indeed, perhaps it is pride that leads the anti-theistic among us to reduce everything to deterministic molecules and DNA because such things are within their eventual grasp and control. To acknowledge that there may just be certain things beyond their eventual comprehension and, thus, control could be tantamount to recognizing that there is something -- Someone -- greater. Such blasphemy cannot stand.

He makes good points about how pride manifests itself in humanism, and I agree with him that there are many things too great for human understanding. He especially pounds Hamer's theories for their tendency to "elevate the concept of determinism and demote personal responsibility."

Again, I agree with him. However, I haven't ruled out the possibility that God (of Christianity) could have placed a genetic trademark on His elect.