Friday, December 31, 2004

Fetus update

Neither Coulson not Taranto make further comments on the fetus discussion, but Taranto links to BlameBush! whose response includes this:

Yes, I know the fetus has cute little "baby hands" with cute little "baby fingers" and makes cute little "baby noises", but that doesn't make it any more human than a baby-shaped intestinal parasite. Furthermore, I don't recall this fetus being "born", nor have I read anything remotely hinting that the host organism wanted it to be. She could have been on her way to the abortion clinic for all we know. So lacking a physical birth or any sort of written documentation certifying an intent to carry the pregnancy to term, we must protect a Woman's Right to Choose and err on the side of inhumanity. It's a FETUS, and will remain one until the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals says otherwise.

That probably gives you the gist of it, but read the whole thing (unless you have blood pressure problems.)

Update: To avoid confusion, let me point out that BlameBush! and the above excerpt are satirical.