Wednesday, December 08, 2004

At least they feel good about it.

Big surprise here - a Parisian study shows that US students are below average in their math skills.

Students in Hong Kong, Finland, and South Korea ranked best, but even though the US was "cited as having the poorest outcomes per dollar spent on education," and our kids fell to the bottom half of the 40 countries surveyed, 72 percent of US students claimed to get good grades in math.

As I discussed these figures with my roommate Dan in the mess hall, he wondered if they even matter. Sure, the numbers are damning to our public school system, but that's old news. Our country still produces great thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and even if we don't lead the world in statistical categories, we DO lead the world. Period.

Our public school system is pretty huge, and overall I'd say it does a pretty good job (though it could use much improvement), but a kid needs caring parents (or mentors), and a lot of personal motivation to succeed, and I think those areas are where our country is lacking the most.

(hat tip to WorldMagBlog)