Wednesday, December 29, 2004

al Qaeda's tsunami aid efforts called "stingy"

I haven't heard anyone take al Qaeda to task for its lack of effort to help tsunami victims, and I'd like to know why.

The organization has millions (probably billions) of dollars at its disposal, and many of the affected people are Muslims, so why isn't al Qaeda sending help? Why isn't the UN blasting bin Laden and al Zarqawi for their lack of action and why aren't they labeled as "insensitive" for not releasing a video expressing their deep concern for the victims?

I don't think I'll see anyone criticizing al Qaeda on this one, but Linda Chavez touches on the topic and presents the great contrast between the US and Islamofacism in her article "Good vs. Evil."


Bin Laden claims that he and Zarqawi are fighting "for God's sake." But what kind of god would ask his followers to slit the throats of those who have come to a country to build roads and sanitation systems.
Islamofascism is the personification of evil. It cannot be appeased; it cannot be reasoned with; it cannot be contained. The only possible way to deal with it is to defeat it, just as we defeated Nazism some 60 years ago.