Tuesday, December 07, 2004

63 years ago today

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. 2,403 Americans died as a result of the attack, and America entered WWII.

One of my grandfathers enlisted in the Army as an infantryman and was eventually awarded the Purple Heart for wounds suffered from an enemy grenade. My other grandfather served as a naval officer, thus providing fodder for years of good-natured family rivalry (which, by the way, currently favors the Army as my dad and wife are also Army officers).

I see many parallels between WWII and the current war against Islamofacism, and I'm proud to have a strong connection with the "Greatest Generation."

I'm sure many others have similar stories, and I'd love to hear them. Also, NPR has a timeline of events leading up to Pearl Harbor, the Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle have interesting articles as well.

Update: Powerline posts President Roosevelt's address to congress.