Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Where would we be without the UN?

The NYTimes is occasionally worth checking out, at least when William Safire (free registration required) has something to say:

Annan's obstruction of outside investigations has strong support within the U.N. members whose citizens are most likely to be embarrassed by revelations of payoffs: Russia, France and China lead all the rest. He has dutifully continued to align himself with their interests by declaring the overthrow of Saddam "illegal" and recently denouncing our attack on the insurgents in Falluja. Perhaps he thinks that this confluence of national interest in cover-up - along with the unwillingness of most media to dig into a complicated story - will let his stonewalling succeed. He reckons not with an insulted Congress.

I'm no diplomat (don't think I have the necessary skill set for that line of work) but it's past time to flex a little muscle with those professional bureaucrats. As a tax payer (well, maybe not this year) I'm not a big fan of my country paying the lion's share of all the ineffective programs those self-styled global planners dream up, not to mention lining the pockets of Saddam, Arafat, Annan's kids, etc. Also, someone is going to have to admit that it takes more than 'peace-keepers' in nifty blue helmets and a pile of resolutions to intimidate a thug government--maybe it's time for a more agressive foreign policy...