Friday, November 19, 2004

Phantom 6 Sends

For anyone unfamiliar with Army terminology, "Phantom 6" is a call sign for the Commanding General of III Corps (nicknamed Phantom Corps from their reputation for showing up where they were least expected during WWII). Phantom 6 Sends is a weekly article by Lieutenant General Tom Metz (currently commander of the Multi-National Corps Iraq), and though you won't find anything too ground breaking or controversial in his pieces, they often contain some insight into our current situation from a military perspective.
This week's article focuses (not surprisingly) on Fallujah, and Metz makes an excellent point about the fundamental differences between our Soldiers and the terrorists.

These thugs fit the leadership mold of Osama Bin Laden; they incite rabid hatred in their disciples and then inspire them onward to suicide missions with promises of glorious martyrdom and rewards in paradise. While their followers are blowing themselves up or staging a hopeless defense, these “leaders” slip away into the civilian population, unwilling to risk their own lives for the cause they so publicly espouse.

The contrast between these power hungry thugs and the leaders of the United States Armed Forces could not be any more pronounced.
Our leaders are ingrained with values such as duty, loyalty and selfless service. They do not hold their lives more valuable than those of their men, nor do they ever ask their troops to go where they will not.

I recommend you read the entire article.