Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Oh no, anything but UN sanctions!

Scrappleface is always good to check out if the 'real news' is starting to get you down...

Just a day after news that Saddam Hussein bilked the United Nations out of more than $21.3 billion during the 13 years Iraq languished under U.N. sanctions, the chief Iranian nuclear negotiator pleaded with the Security Council to "slap us with sanctions like Saddam's."

"In light of the massive siphoning of funds in Iraq, which likely benefitted some U.N. staffers as well, this time I alone will supervise the disbursements," said Mr. Annan. "If there is profit to be made through sanctions and humanitarian aid to dangerous, totalitarian regimes, I will know it personally and take action that I deem appropriate and beneficial."

Check the rest if you have time...they're closer to the truth than they should be.