Thursday, November 18, 2004

News from Down Under

Since Jennyjo and I just returned from a trip to one our country's strongest allies, I was especially disturbed to see that the assault on assigning any personal responsibility that has been rampant in our culture is migrating. A ranch owner in New South Wales was fined $72,000 after one of his cowboys was trampled to death while mustering bulls. The owner's offence? Allowing his hands to wear cowboy hats instead of equestrian helmets. Never mind that no law requiring helmets was in place at the time, and no ranches had any similar requirements (of course they do now!)
In other Aussie news, a train derailed en route to Cairns, resulting in 120 injuries but no fatalities, and off the coast a New Zealand woman is breastfeeding her Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy.

"I wanted to raise it (the pup) with my baby," she said. "I wanted to bring it up with a baby. It will protect her as they grow up," said Tumanako, who lives in Hastings in New Zealand's North Island.
"He drinks more than the baby. It doesn't hurt, but it's a little bit ticklish."