Saturday, November 27, 2004

Maybe the US media isn't so bad...

Just to give you an idea of propaganda the Islamofacist media here in the Middle East churns out on a daily basis, take a look at this from Khilafa:

A leading lawmaker from Turkey's governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Thursday accused the United States of committing "genocide" in Fallujah.

Speaking before an extraordinary session of his commission, called to discuss the situation in Iraq, the deputy wondered whether US forces had not "used the atom bomb" there. "They may have used this weapon," he said, "because we are told that hundreds of thousands of people have died in Iraq."

Strange that an atomic bomb apparently went off about 60 kilometers from here and I didn't notice. It's all becoming obvious to me now though - the satellite photos we've seen of Fallujah are simply imperialist propaganda, since the city is now a sheet of glass.

Another article extols Al Jazeera and their 'feminist' programming:

What with embedded journalists giving us asinine reports on all other stations, using marine-corps terms as though there were no others ever taught them, and with Tony Blair forbidding anyone to parody Bush, al-Jazeera has become more necessary than ever, simply because it lets Arabs speak their minds freely, with eye-witness reports of the most uncensored and unpackaged sort.

The fighting feminism on its For Women Only programme puts institutionalized western feminism to shame. All that manufactured outrage over the burka, which rose to a climax precisely as bombs fell on Afghanistan; where are the cries of outrage now, when Iraqi women are being incarcerated and raped in US dungeons, where tens of thousands of their menfolk are also being held; when they are being starved, denied drinking-water, bombed, buried alive in the rubble of their homes, maimed and killed?

It will prove to be America's dirtiest war by far, and the one that destroys forever its sense of purpose and pride. All Iraqis watch as their homes and mosques are desecrated by soldiers who shoot injured men in the stomach in pre-emptive lunacy that mirrors that of their leader.

They and a billion Muslims watched as Americans forbade families from burying their dead, and allowed stray dogs to gnaw the corpses of pregnant women and toddlers on the mean streets of what was once Fallujah, during Eidul Fitr. No one is taken in by the lies and arrogance and greed of this racist war.

'News' stories like these seem ridiculous to us, even though we are used to a certain amount of slant and fictitious stories from the NYTimes, CBS, and the like. However, these destructive lies spew incessantly from minarets and television sets here, and their sway on the population is powerful.