Thursday, November 25, 2004

Latest from Fallujah

The Marines are still working to clear Fallujah in order to return the city to civilian control. The AP reports on a cache found recently:

"The amount of weapons was in no way just to protect a city," said Maj. Jim West, a Marine intelligence officer. "There was enough to mount an insurgency across the country."

A huge store of weapons and explosives was discovered at the mosque of Abdullah al-Janabi, a Muslim cleric and insurgent leader, according to a report on The New York Times' Web site. Al-Janabi is thought to have fled the city.

Military officers told the Times there were no arms in al-Janabi's nearby house, but they said they discovered files on people who had been tortured and executed for cooperating with U.S. authorities and their allies.

West noted that insurgents stashed arms in mosques. "Even gravesides were used to bury weapons," he said.

West said U.S. forces turned up a "cook book" with instructions on using mercury nitrate and silver nitrate and descriptions of nerve agents. He didn't elaborate.

These people don't mess around. They are intent on killing us, and it's obvious that they'll use our Western sensibilities about their 'holy sites' to their greatest advantage.

If we were as serious about this war as they are, it would already be over.

It seems to me that the tide is slowly turning against the insurgency, but I don't think we can overestimate the importance of the upcoming elections.