Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Good news from Iran

Scrappleface reports on Condoleezza Rice's Iran policy:

Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice today urged a "wait and see approach" in the wake of news that Iran may be secretly continuing its uranium enrichment program and developing missiles to carry nuclear warheads.

"They're probably not going to use these nuclear weapons that we're not absolutely sure they're developing anyway," said Miss Rice, who is still the National Security Advisor and the president's exercise buddy. "If they do use the nuclear weapons there's a fair chance that it won't be against us, our allies or our troops overseas. It's a big world and there are lots of other places they could bomb."

Miss Rice reminded reporters that America's number one foreign policy consideration at all times is multilateral cooperation.

"Let's wait and see what our allies in thoroughly-modern Europe do," she said. "We need not leap to conclusions about Iran's intentions simply because it's an Islamic fundamentalist totalitarian state renowned for having held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. Even if they build a nuclear missile and launch it at us or Israel, it's conceivable that it would fail to detonate and would fall harmlessly into the sea."

Also the response of the EU:

Iran today said it had suspended uranium enrichment as part of a deal negotiated with several European Union countries which, for their part, have agreed to suspend disbelief.

In addition to freezing uranium enrichment, Iran also announced it would destroy its stockpiles of sand.

Thank goodness that situation is under control, because I really don't feel like spending a year in Iran.