Thursday, November 25, 2004

Dr Laura and the SECDEF

I just read over a transcript of Laura Ingraham's interview with Sec. Rumsfeld, and I enjoyed this bit:

Q: Now, Mr. Secretary, before we let you go, there’s all this rumors about people leaving the cabinet. We don’t want you to leave the Defense Department. We want you to stay as long as possible. But if you ever happen to leave the Defense Department before March, there is going to be an opening at CBS, you know.


Dan Rather [Audio Clip]: Asking tough questions and investigating reports.

Q: I mean, can you ever see that happening?


Q: I mean, that’s a big chair to fill, I know, but…

SEC. RUMSFELD: [Laughs] Oh, Laura, you are a sketch. That’s something that’s never crossed my mind.

Q: No. I mean, they’re trying to reach out to different segments of society and now the old media is going away. I mean, there’s just all sorts of opportunities out there. I just think you shouldn’t rule anything out at this point.

Her statement that "old media is going away" is very optimistic, but I think she may be right.
Leave a comment if you're interested in reading the whole interview and I'll send it to you; nothing groundbreaking, just the usual talking points.