Friday, November 19, 2004

Blogging 101

After my first few days of blogging, it occurs to me that many of my readers (I know you're out there, even if you don't leave comments!) may be looking at a blog for the first time.

If you're new to the blogosphere I'll try to help you out; if you've been on the scene for awhile please drop me a comment with your favorite blogs so I can check them out and link to them.

The concept is pretty simple - bloggers see something newsworthy or stories being mishandled by the mainstream media (MSM), they link to it and comment on it, and anyone can post their own comments to further the discussion or clarify the facts.

Posting your comments is simple. Just click the 'comments' link at the bottom of the post, enter your email address and screen name (or just use anonymous) and type whatever is on your mind.

If you've never explored other blogs, let me suggest some of my favorites:

Worldmagblog - the blog that drew me into the blogosphere; I've been reading it since it launched about a year ago. World Magazine runs it, and most of their writers post there. News and comment on just about any topic from a Christian worldview. They also have a fairly comprehensive blogroll, which lists blogs by topic.

Powerline - News and insightful political commentary from three super-smart Minnesota guys. Daily reading.

Captain's Quarters - Excellent political blog, and Ed is a Marine stationed here at Camp Victory.

Drudge Report - Not really a blog, but a news site often referenced by bloggers. Matt Drudge keeps a huge blogroll, and also links to some other good news sites.

That should get you started. If it's not enough, check out the other links on the right side of this page.
Let me know what you think of those sites, and post the addresses of other good ones I should link to.